Top Ad Management Plugin For WordPress Bloggers

Ad Management Plugins For Bloggers

So, you are here because you have a business website/a blog and I’m sure you know that it can be monetized using display advertisements.

Now, just tell me –

How much work do you put in finding and showcasing the ads you display on your WordPress blog?

Do you seek out independent advertisers and manually upload their poster each time?

Are you managing everything on your website manually and frustrated  with adding AdSense banner on your blog sidebar or blog post every time you write a blog post?

If yes, then I’m bringing you something very cool in this blog post. If you have any plan of making money online or consider your blog or a website as a money making tool then you must use one of the following tools (the ad management plugin) that I’m sharing today in this blog post.

These ad management plugins will assist you to manage your ads and display places, sell ad spaces to advertisers, track impressions and click statistics, and much much more. So without wasting your valuable time, Let’s move forward and review each of them in detail.

In the end, I have shared my personal recommendations too that you might be interested in reading. So let jump on the first ad management plugin –

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  1. Ads Pro Plugin
  2. WP PRO Advertising System
  3. WP In Post Ads
  5. Elite Video Player
  6. AdRotate
  7. WordPress Ad Widget
  8. Advanced Ads
  9. Ultimate Ads Manager


1. Ads Pro Plugin

Ads Pro Plugin is one of the best ad management plugin, particularly for affiliate marketing.

Ads Pro Plugin has an impressive number of aspects parceled into one low cost. It also brags at 4.53 -star rating on over 2,500 sales at Code Canyon.

Ads Pro Ad Management Plugin for WordPress1

Let’s start at the beginning-

Did you know that almost 25% of desktop users are running ad blockers nowadays? That means you might be missing out on 25% of your income.

That’s sad huh??

But once you plug and play the “Ads Pro Plugin” to your WordPress blog or a website, it will bypass ad blockers.

Do you like it?

Ads Pro Ad Management Plugin for WordPress - 20 Display Options

It will help you display your ads in a variety of positions on your blog. Currently, Ads Pro has over 20 different ways to present your ads, including creative ways like sliders, moving ads and background ads.

Just imagine, 20 different advertising techniques can lead to an amazing number of combinations to display ads on the blog?

This ad management plugin offers with over 25 different advertising templates. Templates are basically preset ad display combinations designed to maximize ad revenue without destroying your site’s user experience.

Ads Pro Ad Management Plugin for WordPress 25 Templates

Ads Pro also includes split-testing so you can find out which types of ads pull in the most revenue.

Other supportive features include thought Geo-targeting, filtering ads on specific categories/ tags, analytics, and more.

Whether you’re just looking to get control over your own advertisements or looking for something to help you sell ads to the third party( or both !), Ads Pro offers tons of features to make your work easier.

The Price of this ad management plugin is: $37 with standard Envato licensing.



2. WP PRO Advertising System


Like Ads Pro Plugin, WP PRO Advertising System is another full-service ads manager.

It comes with over 18 predefined ads zones. It also includes some most creative alternatives like corner peel ads, background ads, and plenty more.

WP PRO Advertising System can even help you add ads to your MailChimp newsletters!

Ads Pro Ad Management Plugin 3

Here’s a quite impressive unique feature:

WP PRO Advertising System comes with its own banner ad builder that helps you speedily create animated HTML5 banners.

There’s just one thing to pay attention to –
The core plugin doesn’t include a front-end interface to sell your advertisings instantly to buyers. You can get that piece, but only if you purchase an add-on.

The Pro Ads Buy and Sell add-on, which costs you $17, allow you to sell ad spaces through WooCommerce.

If you don’t need that, WP PRO Advertising System gives you same characteristic to Ads Pro Plugin for a somewhat less price. But if you do want the capability to easily trade your own ads, Ads Pro Plugin comes out to be a little cheaper.

The Price of this ad management plugin is $29 with standard Envato licensing. Add-on is an extra $17


3. WP In Post Ads

WP In Post Ads offers a slew of potent ads handling features, although it needed the sheer display options offered by the previous two plugins.

Ads Pro Ad Management Plugin 4

Watch Live Demo

As you carry-on. guess from the figure, WP In Post Ads is only focused on in berth ads, not extras like popups and corner peels.

Chief among this powerful ad administration plugin is the built-in split testing. You can easily experiment different ads and situations to verify which generates the most revenue for your site.

To expose your ads, you can choose a default position like before content, after material, or after X number of paragraphs. Or, if you want to go the manual superhighway, you can manually insert ads working a shortcode.

As for which ads display where you can either put up specific rules for which ads display on specific blog posts.

Or, if you want a bit more blend, you can tell WP In Post Ads to randomly expose your ads to figure out which are your top performers. This is something I like to do.

WP In Post Ads likewise gives you, even more, authority over where and how your ads display. For example, you can choose to hide ads until after a blog post has pieces. for a certain period. Or, you can do the opposite and have ads automatically turn off after a set period of time.

And finally, you are eligible to choose to hide your ads from logged in users. This offers up some nifty integrations for membership websites or other tiered advantages sites.

So if you don’t want all those fancy display options, allow WP In Post Ads a look for a more lightweight solution that keeps the placements. display/ analytics features.

The Price of this ad management plugin is $29




WP QUADS is a popular ad management plugin. It’s a new name of no longer updated, Quick AdSense plugin.

Ads Pro Ad Management Plugin 4 WP Quads



This is a free Google AdSense inserting plugin which is an improvement of the successful but discontinued plugin “Quick AdSense” which is used on more than 100.000 websites.

WP QUADS is coded well with no overhead and is used on huge websites with millions of monthly page impressions. It gives power to – how your ads display. And despite the name of the plugin where it was originally from, but not just limited to AdSense with WP QUADS.

You can also use it to expose any other ad code, though don’t expect a front-end interface for exchanging ads directly or other advanced pieces.With WP QUADS, you can choose to either shift your ads at specific positions or have them display randomly within your content.

Ad Management Plug WP-Quads-Plugin 2

You can display up to ten ads per sheet. You can also use calls to manually allow or disable particular ads or placements. If you go with the premium version of the plugin, you’ll likewise unlock new aspects of it –  like ad blocker perception, AMP support, and more layout options.

You’ll also get “conditions”, which let you enable or disable ads on specific designs or for specific articles.

WP QUADS isn’t as strong as the previous plugins, but it also has a nice free account. So if funding has close-fisted, think giving it a test.

The Price of this ad management plugin is EUR4 9 but can be downloaded from as FREE.



5. Elite Video Player

Elite Video Player is a responsive video player for WordPress. So why is it on this list? Did I accidentally include here while I’m writing?

Ad Management Plugin Elite Video Player 1

See Demo

No, this plugin is supposed to be here. Notice that “Elite Video Player” lends powerful marketing alternatives to any of the videos that you embed in WordPress.

With it, you can add pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, or popup ads to your videos. It also tells you to supplement custom ad hop-skip times similar to you’d see on YouTube. And you can place these same ads to run for different videos in a playlist.

Best of all – you can add these ad natures to any of the video types that Elite Video Player supports. Currently, that’s YouTube, Vimeo, self-hosted videos, and Google Drive videos.

Elite Video Player includes some other boasts for actually embedding videos, but the unique selling offer of this plugin is obviously the advertising options.

If you regularly include videos in your content, this is definitely a pick worth trying.

The Price of this ad management plugin is $36 with standard Envato licensing.



6. AdRotate

AdRotate is another full-service advertising solution like Ads Pro Plugin and WP PRO Advertising System.

Ad Management Plugin - AdRotate

In the free edition, you can manage both your own ads as well as third-party structures like AdSense, Chitika, DoubleClick, and more. You can quickly see how many views and clicks your ads have received and monitor the different ad groups performance.

If you go with the premium version, you can get more detailed planners as well as geo-target your ads to domains, even to small towns and cities.

And if you want to sell ads immediately to people, you can easily accept PayPal fees. Then, you can sync up specific ads to user accounts to give them personalized stats.

Advertisers will get their own front-end dashboard where they can see an overview of both their ads and stats.

Advertisers can also lay out their own ads and receive a live preview before submitting the ad.

After an advertiser submits their ad and compensates, all you need to do is manually approve the ad for it to start the show. You can even set up alerts for whenever a brand-new ad is offered.

I think AdRotate has the best available free edition of any of the plugins on this list. And its pro version can go toe-to-toe with the other ad administration add-ons.

The Price of this ad management plugin (Pro version) starts at EUR2 9 for a single-site license.

Buy Now: ADROTATE GET ADROTATE PRO                Get it AdRotate FREE from here


7. WordPress Ad Widget

WordPress Ad Widget

WordPress Ad Widget is by far the simplest alternative on such lists. If you only demand something free and lightweight, it’s worth checking out.

Basically, it gives you a widget that you can assemble anywhere in your sidebar. In that widget, you can easily home your own ads as well as Google AdSense ads.

It’s simple and helpful for newbies, but that’s about it.

Price: Free



8. Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads is a free ad administration plugin with premium add-ons. Even without the add-ons, it’s got plenty of features that make it worthy to be included here in this list.

The powerful and easy to use ad plugin for WordPress written by someone who serves millions of ad impressions each month.

Ad Management Plugin Advanced Ads Pro

Download     Features     Manual

or find it on

You can create unlimited ads, including your own as well as AdSense and other publishers. To expose your ads, you can put them in various locations in your content post as well as your sidebar, footer, header, and more.

You can also choose conditions for when to display ads. For instance, you can choose to turn off ads on specific categories, calls, sheets, uprights, etc. You can even toggle ads on and off for specific scribes, which is a nice feature.

With “Advanced Ads” you get the ability to enable/disable ads for the specific user or device. You can set up schedules and set expiration dates for ads to easily control time-sensitive ads.

Up til now, all of those features are available in the FREE version. Here are some of the paid add-ons that you can get:

  1. Advanced Ads Pro allows more placements and control over when your ads display.
  2. Allows you to sell ads immediately to advertisers.
  3. Help you to contributes a variety of “Geo-Targeting” options for your ads.
  4. With Advanced Ads Pro, you will get a detailed statistics for all of your ads.

Addons like Sticky Ads, Popup and Layer Ads, Slider, contributing to three different sets of display options.

Price: Free  Add-ons from EUR1 9.00- EUR2 9.00 for a single-site support.

Buy Now: ADVANCED ADS PRO     Get Advanced Ads FREE


9. Ultimate Ads Manager

Ultimate Ads Manager is another free ad administrator. It helps you manage and track all of the ads that you display on your website.  Using this, you can easily create custom ads or plainly paste the AdSense code.

Ad Management Plugin Ultimate Ad Manager

The plugin includes a shortcode for each individuals ad, or you are able to have the plugin randomly select which ad to show.

The paid version of Ultimate Ads Manager can also sync up with Google Analytics so that you can collect stats for your ads directly in Google Analytics.

Price: Free. Or $9.90 per month for Google Analytics integration and a few other capabilities.



Final Words: Which Ad Management Plugin Is Best For You?

This is a place where I try to share my opinion based on my experience and testing. Considering the above list of Ad Management Plugin, let’s roll over a few specific scenarios:

  • Are you looking to sell ads directly to advertisers, then the best choice for you is the Ads Pro Plugin or AdRotate Pro. You can also get that using WP PRO Advertising System and Ultimate Ads but you need to buy an add-on.
  • If you require the complete display alternatives, then you should surely pick among Ads Pro Plugin or WP PRO Advertising System.
  • If you want an elegant way to display ads on embedded videos, then Elite Video Player is a no-brainer.
  • If you’re only planning to expose ads in your material, then WP In Post Ads is a great choice. It doesn’t come up with powerful display options like other plugins, but it will give you split-testing as well as tons of different options for testing when and how your ads show up in posts.
  • And lastly, if you only need something lightweight, easy, and free, then you are able to look at WP QUADS or WordPress Ad Widget for simple ways to include basic ads to your posts.

Over to your – What plugin do you use to control the ads on your WordPress site? Or have you really been managing them manually up til now? Please share your experience and reviews in comments below. And please do me a small favor by sharing this post on your social media accounts.