WordPress Robots.txt File – Beginner’s Guide
I am sure you must be wondering what the heck is Robots.txt and why I need it? Don’t worry about that right now. By the end of this article, you will know everything about Robots.txt and will also be able to add it to your WordPress website in seconds.  In this article, I will cover… (2 comments)

How To Quickly Find WordPress Page ID
WordPress Page Id: Where To Find it ? WordPress page Id is something that you will need if you want to perform some specific functions on that page or post. For example, if you want to hide or exclude some pages from your XML sitemaps then you may need the specific page Ids. Later, you… (1 comment)

What is a XML Sitemap and How to Generate XML Sitemap?
XML SITEMAP XML Sitemap which I think is the very important block of your website/blog. If you go and check any popular website (just take any and visit) you will notice that they have this page(Sitemap) and if you click on it then you will notice something like this. So let’s see what exactly is this… (1 comment)