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You wanted to start a blog with a great idea in mind, wanted to set it all up with a thought to make some money out of it and then wonder why you are not making a dime? Or perhaps are making few bucks and wanted to grow your community but no one is subscribing or buying whatever you’re selling?

Does this sound like you? It’s something every blogger goes through.

Official WordPress Guide

What is Official WordPress Guide is about?

In this free Official WordPress Guide, I will show you the settings and the process for profitable blogging that uses a strategic technique that pro bloggers use on their blog and make thousands of dollars monthly. It sounds complicated but it is extremely easy. And it works in any niche.

In this Official WordPress Guide Ebook, I have started from basics and gradually more to pro blogging techniques.

Once you complete this E-Book, You’ll have:

  • Solid understanding of How and from where to purchasing a web hosting for your site. I will show you how can you save hundreds of dollar in Hosting and run your blog for FREE.
  • You will know about tools to strategically select an easy to remember, search engine friendly “Domain Name” for your website. Isn’t that cool?
  • I have shared secrets of setting up a blog which generates revenue and creates a second source of income for you in just 20 minutes. I have also shared pro bloggers tips and tricks that you can employ in your blog to make not millions but at least hundreds of dollars initially.
  • In this E-book, I have shared a list of WordPress plugins that I use for my blog. This is the same list that most professional bloggers use on their blog and make their blog look attractive and powerful.
  • Not only blog setup, but I have also shared the name of  FREE tools to grow your traffic by 5X times on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
  • This is not it. You will know about tools to monetize your blog to make passive income & list of spy tools that I use to watch my visitor on my blog.

I guarantee you the information you will get in this E-book (Official WordPress Guide) is very helpful in growing your blog strategically, meeting reader’s demand and running blog from the income you generate from it. This E-book is a blueprint that I use again and again to grow my blog and earn a secondary income working part time. You can now also apply the same process once you start your own blog.

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You must be wondering, why I am sharing this with you? Well, when I started my blog, I got help from other community bloggers and now it’s my duty to share my knowledge with people who really wanted to learn to make money from a blog.

Final Words –

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