Most Effective SEO Trends To Look Out For In 2018

Most Effective SEO Trends To Look Out For In 2018
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves a process of improving web pages in order to get higher ranking in search engines and understand how people search and find your website on the search engines like Google, Bing Yahoo etc. SEO is known as a key growth for the online business.

You can certainly not rely on the SEO trends that gained traction in the past years. So, you have to focus on trends will work for the present year. In case it makes your head spin to think about how to enhance the quality and volume of the traffic on your website through search engine results, we have a complete array of trends for you.

Take a look at the seven most essential SEO trends to enable better search engine optimization.

  1. Use of SSL Certificate for Website Security

Certificate Authority signed SSL certificate must be installed on a site to create an HTTPS secure connection between website’s server and your user’s web browser, which allows to increase visitors trust on site and encourage them to buy products or services online.

Sites use SSL Protection to encrypt the information shared between the browser and the server. As a result, the transactions can be safely carried out, and the confidential information of the users remains safe with the website.

Trusted Certificate Authority (CA) authorized SSL reseller such as cheapsslshop.com offers cheap SSL Certificate to secure website connection. Even you can avoid “Not Secure” warning, which will be shown on all your HTTP sites in popular browsers like Chrome 68 starting from July 2018. Google considers HTTPS as a ranking signal, So, You will get the positive impact on SEO by migrating your website to HTTPS.

  1. Consider Mobile-Responsiveness

The number of smartphone users is increasing, hence it is required to make mobile-responsive websites that render well on every device irrespective of the screen size. The wrong User Experience (UX) on mobile devices would hamper your brand reputation, that may lead to conversion rate down. Mobile-first index by Google has made mobile-focused website layout more important than it ever before. So, it is very important to make your website mobile-friendly.

  1. Have a User-Friendly Website Interface

The user-friendly website interface is a must if you want your website to get a considerable amount of traffic in this year. A good User Experience (UX) focuses on having better customer acquisition and customer retention if we talk from a marketing and sales perspective.

Moreover, websites are the most critical component of inbound marketing. A user-friendly website helpful to get the attention of more users and convert them into customers for your online business. It is recommended website owners carry out a usability testing at regular intervals in addition to website speed testing and tracking the user behavior to see to it that their business goals achieved.

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  1. Valuable and Informative Content Needed

Website owners should understand the importance of writing content that is useful for the readers. Write long form content that provides detailed information to a target audience. It should be relevant and well-researched.

Many website owners stuff keywords in the content and expect it to rank high on Google. That’s not how Google works. Write for your users rather than Google.

Keyword density, keywords in the title tags, header tags, etc. are likely to lose their importance in the days to come. Make the most of rich media on your websites to create content that is easily understandable and convincing enough to make them buy from you.

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  1. Leverage Voice Search

Alexa, Cortana, Siri, Google Assistant, etc. have made voice search popular among the users these days. It means that more and more queries asked by voice command on any topic, rather than typed search queries.

Search engine professionals will need to create compelling landing pages that take into consideration the long-tail keywords for handling the questions. Machine learning and artificial intelligence will gradually come into the picture, and it is bound to change the world of SEO – obviously for GOOD…

It believed that the Analytics and Search Console might segregate the voice queries and traditionally typed words. There are speculations that keyword research tools will start the incorporation of suggested voice queries most commonly used by the visitors and this will dictate the strategies for content and landing page.

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  1. Focus on Page Load Speed

Page load speed is one of the most important factors for SEO. It evident that your visitors are busy and they do not like to wait. Users want the websites to load fast and every additional second that your site takes to load can lead to the application of a penalty factor to the website.

Consequently, your search engine ranking gets affected and you may end up losing your customers. Your page load speed has a strong influence on the bounce rate of the website. The more time your page takes to load, the more is the bounce rate.

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  1. Increase Backlinks

Backlinks have always been an important ranking factor, and this trend is sure to continue in the coming years too. If another blog of high domain authority mentions your blog, your brand visibility gets significantly improved.

In turn, it portrays your brand as a reliable one and enhances the search engine ranking too. Make sure that the links you get come from authoritative sources and not spam websites. They should be relevant and anchored. You can use social media platforms and PR to get more backlinks and reach out to more customers on a global level. (in case your business industry necessitates it)

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Wrapping Up

SEO is expected to get more and more complex with time. Orthodox methods of SEO have not stopped working yet, but expert SEO professionals will have to hone their strategies to match with the upcoming trends in this field. Traffic generation will depend on how well you can keep up with the new technologies and how well you can execute them.

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