What is a XML Sitemap and How to Generate XML Sitemap?
XML SITEMAP XML Sitemap which I think is the very important block of your website/blog. If you go and check any popular website (just take any and visit) you will notice that they have this page(Sitemap) and if you click on it then you will notice something like this. So let’s see what exactly is this… (1 comment)

How To Add A Home Link To WordPress Menu
Today I am going to share some tips related to your “WordPress Menu on Home Page or Front Page” that I have learned during setting up my own blog Digital Harpreet. This post if all about adding Home Link to WordPress Menu. Home Page for any website is the main page. A home page can be a static… (3 comments)

7 Ways To Earn Money By Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing which is one of the buzz words right now in the market which could help you to earn thousands of dollars just working part time. There are many ways by which you can earn money in digital marketing. There are professionals who are making 7 lakhs per month only through online marketing being… (4 comments)