Six Marketing Tips You Should Track In 2020

Six Marketing Tips You Should Track In 2020
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Marketing tools, techniques, practices, methodologies, and trends are persistently changing with time. Somehow it gets tough to seek the attention of customers. So, customers should be attracted to your business in a unique, eye-catching way. By proving authenticity in commercials and giving the emotional feeling is necessary nowadays. Here are 6 marketing tips which are compulsory for you to know:

1. Video & The Authentic Marketing Voice:

In the age of forged news and overly styled pictures, people desire authenticity in online connections. Marketers are shifting towards videos to create genuine interactions with their viewers.

The audience of approximately 60%-80% is expected to buy the products/services after watching the video. Almost half of the people’s searches are for videos related to a product or service before going to a store in person.

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2. Check Out Your Competition:

You should be one step ahead of your competitor to market your product. It can only be possible when you have an eye on every move of competitors. Always make a move before your competitors to get the attention of the audience.

Search for the keywords which are related to your business. Try to find and predict what your competitors are planning, which tactics and strategies they are using. It is an exceptional way to get innovative ideas.

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3. Start Blogging About Your Product:

This is where you can show your creative side to the world. By writing a blog about your brand products/services, you are allowing the customer to get familiar with the benefits and how to use them. Try to choose writing style which will make your blog interesting and which will be helpful for the readers. Whatsoever you write it should add up value for the customer and make the presence of your products/services in costumers’ minds.

4. Assess the Website’s Content:

What does your official website say? Is the content unique and useful? Will people like anything once they visit your site? When did the last time you added new content? Is the content on the website worth reading? Does the content match your business goals?

The official website should be easy to navigate. With clarity, customer-oriented content will help you set yourself at a point where customers can easily get to know about your business.

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5. Call Tracking & Analytics:

You will not be able to improve if you can’t measure it. Analytics provide an excessive amount of extraordinarily useful data, like where your website’s visitors will come from, how long they will stay, and what they will do on your website page. Google Analytics is free of cost and yet handy to utilize. You can easily track each lead that is generated by your website.

If you do not have a fully dedicated phone number for the website, then you can track them on calls by visiting Hostednumbers.com. This specific website will issue you a select tracking phone number on which all the requests will be forwarded to get your primary number.

Along with the tracking, it can analyze how many calls you have received in a day, and all the details related to it. It’s amazingly inexpensive and you can monitor it effortlessly.

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6. Don’t Forget About Press Releases:

Press releases will help the business to strengthen the content related to your product/service around the globe and among local channels, which will allow the business to attain the similar exposure and coverage as international brands have. Your business will also be able to get connected directly to consumers, journalists, and bloggers. It will help your business to grow even faster.

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