About Harpreet

Hello & welcome to DigitalHarpreet.com – A knowledge hub for bloggers who like to start their own online blog or a business, like to make a living from a blog, and liberate themselves from the 9-6 day job.My name is Harpreet and I’m the author at digitalharpreet.com. I’m a full-time Software Engineer by profession and started DigitalHarpreet.Com from my passion for blogging and to earn part-time for my family.

Why I Started Blogging at DigitalHarpreet.Com?

The Internet teaches you new things every day. I’m passionate about learning new things via the Internet and was looking for options to share that learning, knowledge, and experience with others. I saw people were sharing great things via blogs and I found it really attractive as it allows you to reach hundreds of people who are like-minded and willing to learn new things. I created the DigitalHarpreet.Com blog and started sharing my learnings then and I absolutely love it.

About DigitalHarpreet

I want to invite all the interested people to join me at DigitalHarpreet, who like to start a blog to learn and at the same time create an additional stream of income. Don’t wait & let’s collaborate & liberate yourself from working for others.

I started DigitalHarpreet in April 2016 and it’s helping me to keep a record of my knowledge on blogging and enabling me to connect with different bloggers who are sharing ideas, views, information on how to blog for profit and making money out of it. This is another reason why I like it as it helps you to generate passive income. Another personal reason why I started blogging is to create my own identity on the web for something that I am good at. I would like to encourage you to utilize your time on theInternet for something productive.

If you like to know more about me, please get in touch via my Contact Page.

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Things You Will Learn at DigitalHarpreet.Com

  1. Tips and ideas for running a blog for profit. I’m sharing all the great things that I am personally using at digitalharpreet.com and make money from a blog.
  2. I’m committed to sharing nearly every little information about how I am using my blog as a platform to make a second income working only part-time.
  3. You will find posts on how to use Google Adsense to generate revenue from a blog, Affiliate Marketing Tips, Best Affiliate Networks for bloggers to promote products of your niche, and much more.
  4. I use WordPress.org as my blogging platform, so I will also share my experience and knowledge of using WordPress as a tool to build professional websites and blogs.
  5. You will see posts on how to customize and add new things to the WordPress blog to make it look better and professional.
  6. DigitalHarpreet.com is built on the Genesis Framework. I also share tips and tricks which you can utilize to customize Genesis Theme for your blog.
  7. I am using StudioPress Premium WordPress themes at DigitalHarpreet and my other blogs like mtechnogeek.com where I share technology-related information. I love the Genesis Framework theme so much because of its many built-in features.
  8. As a newbie blogger, if you are struggling in finalizing which WordPress theme is best for your blog then I would encourage you to invest in the StudioPress Premium themes package.
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  10. Online Marketing, Affiliate Marketing advice, and “How-to” for small business and startup companies.
  11. Reviews, feedback, personal experience, setup of digital tools that are useful for bloggers.
  12. Discount coupons, deals, downloads, etc. of digital products like Ebooks, Web Hosting companies.
  13. Latest news, trends, and changes that major social media sites are making that are useful for their users, bloggers, etc.
  14. Tips and tricks on “How-to” increase web traffic to increase sales, online income, and the number of unique visitors to your website.
  15. You can download the Ultimate List of Traffic Sources FREE E-book to know what traffic sources you can use (paid) to increase your traffic, sales, etc.
  16. Download FREE WordPress Blog Setup E-book to start your own WordPress Blog. This e-book is a blueprint for a successful blog and will provide each and every little thing that you need for your blog. Once you setup it up as I have explained in this E-book, you can start monetizing your blog thru the Google Adsense program, Affiliate Marketing, Start creating your own email list to sell your own products to your users, and so on.

Know More About Harpreet 🙂

Basically, I’m from India and currently working in the IT industry for more than 15 years now.

It took me 10 years to realize that I can’t just work for others and get paid for what I do for them. I wanted to start something of my own. I created this blog to work for my goal to become a successful online internet marketer. I like to help others also to grow along with me who wanted to establish themselves as successful Marketing Entrepreneurs. This blog is dedicated to helping other budding bloggers learn to blog and share their knowledge, experiences with others and at the same time promote the blogging medium.

My aim here is to learn, experiment, and share every little thing that comes in a newbie marketer mind like “How can I create a successful business that provides service to people“, Or if they already created an online business, the next biggest challenge is how to direct traffic so that people can take advantage of it.

In today’s Online Internet Market space, people are overwhelmed with lots of information and the challenge is to find the right information to help them to get around with the real problem. My aim here is to address real problems and provide less but to-the-point information from my blog posts.\

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I’m not a big fan of sending emails. If I find something useful which can’t wait then only you will see an email from me. Otherwise, I will just post that information on the blog – I also use RSS, Twitter & Facebook as an alternative so no emails to your inbox.

I hope my work will help you on your journey. Let’s get started together and make a great life out of our passion for blogging. Thank you again for stopping at my blog.