Bluehost Review: Why It’s Best Choice For Newbie Bloggers?

Bluehost Review: Why It’s Best Choice For Newbie Bloggers?
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Are you looking forward to building a business website or web page for your business?

Are you an individual looking to start a blog or a website and searching a cheap but best web hosting company?

Congrats on getting along the first step! 🙂

Well, a website coincides with so many files, which includes HTML text files, JPG image records, formulated contents, and so much more.

Do you know where will these files be stored, for people across various parts of the world to access it at any time?

Quite impressive! That’s where a web hosting service comes into play.

Bluehost Review: How to Start A Blog At Bluehost in just 2.65 per month

What is Web Hosting?

A Web Hosting service places the business web sites or individual web page on the internet. In simpler terms, this service incorporates a website or web page with technological support to be pictured on the Internet.

The unique channel for this hosting of the website is called servers. At any point in time, if a user intends to look at your website, they can simply input your website address in the browser section. This connects their system to your web server, which instantly delivers your website to their browser.

However, a common phenomenon which goes along this process is that you have your own business domain. In case you don’t own one, don’t worry because you will get a FREE domain name when you buy Bluehost hosting plans.

There are many other freebies also that you will get along with Bluehost Hosting package. Learn more here “How to Get 70% Discount at Bluehost + 4 Freebies

Bluehost Web Hosting Plans & Their features

Do you feel puzzled over selecting a web hosting company, among hundreds of other Web Hosting providers?

I wasn’t sure when I started my blog. But one thing that I followed during that time was the recommendations from WordPress.org. (Official WordPress website)

Bluehost Review Why Bluehost is the best choice for Newbie Bloggers

WordPress.org recommends Bluehost as the best web hosting provider for WordPress users, bloggers, and business owners. And this was just enough for me to consider Bluehost as my web host and move forward.

Bluehost is one of the most functional among the web hosting companies which provide various web hosting plans as per your needs and demands.

Bluehost Review Why Bluehost is the best choice for Newbie Bloggers - Plans

Bluehost ranks in Top 3 as a web hosting company for WordPress Bloggers.

Ever since it’s founded in the year 2003, this company has actively set its feet in remarking the leadership qualities for the professionally growing Hosting globe.

Let’s look at some of the most beneficial hosting plans, with several Bluehost discounts offers that they offer to the newbie as well as to the expanding business activities.

Bluehost Web Hosting Plans From Beginners To Pro Level:

  1. Shared Hosting

In this Hosting plan, just like the name goes, your website server is shared with other businesses/people websites too.

This plan is the best web hosting for beginners because the traffic to the website is comparatively lesser at the time you start it.

The cost for the server in this plan is shared with other website owners and hence, provides for a cheaper convenience for newbie bloggers or business owners.

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  1. Cloud Hosting

    Here, hundreds of servers work together, which makes it look like a single massive server.

    After a point of time, when your website starts attracting a massive traffic, that’s when the Bluehost Cloud hosting plans comes into play.

    The Bluehost cloud hosting is best if you are looking for:

  • Additional Safety,
  • Faster Website, &
  • High performing WebsitesThe main features include data
  • Mirroring (3 copies of data across multiple devices, Intuitive dashboards to monitor website traffic, trends, load speed, globe reach etc.

I won’t recommend these plans if you are just starting a new blog or a website. But if you are already into blogging business and getting a decent traffic then you should now think about upgrading your hosting to Bluehost Cloud hosting to give a performance boost to your website. Click here to review Bluehost Cloud Hosting Packages.

  1. Virtual Private Server

This basically allocates a particular server, whereas it is portrayed as numerous servers.

Say, Bluehost has its own Operating System (OS) copy with the number of software, running on the same. The users that purchase this hosting, can enjoy the access to superiority level, and thereby, install whichever software they need from this particular OS, for their effective use. (Not recommended for newbie bloggers)

  1. Dedicated hosting

When you have an engaging online business website, which has acquired unlimited consumer traffic, you must shift to the dedicated Bluehost Hosting Plan. This is, by far, the highest server level, and here, you purchase a server all alone, to gather full control over it.

Favourable Bluehost Benefits, Irrespective of your Selected Bluehost Hosting Plan:

Doesn’t matter which web hosting package you choose from Bluehost hosting plans, you will get following things at no extra cost to you.

  • Free WordPress installation as well as the installation of more than one hundred apps, like Drupal, and Joomla, over just a ‘single click’.
  • Guarantees the consistent and reliable performance with 100% uptime for a test which ran for a whole month, with a less than a fraction of second site response time [USA Servers].
    Bluehost Review Why Bluehost is the best choice for Newbie Bloggers - Bluehost Site Speed ResultsImage Credit: Wpbeginner.com
  • Plus: Quick setup, alerts highlighting your resource usage, the most needed backup feature guarded with restoring the settings, and several more.
  • You get an included domain name with every plan to be put in use for a year.
  • Offers excelling features in terms of security to the users, being one of the top web hosting companies
  • They proficiently offer numerous databases, which comprise MySQL, PHP, Python, Perl, PostgreSQL, and several more.
  • At your assistance, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week, over call as well as chat.

    Bluehost Shared Hosting: The Plans

    If you are somebody, who is searching for a better priced and cheap hosting plan for a fresh start, then Shared Web Hosting is the right plan for you.

    Bluehost Review Why Bluehost is the best choice for Newbie Bloggers Bluehost Web Hosting Packages Details

    Most of the beginners and small scale businesses find this plan, optimum and affordable to generate customer traffic to their business website in the initial days. However, this plan comes in 3 different categories in hosting a website for the users to take up, in accordance to their suitability.

    Basic Plan:

    Starting with as low as $3.95/month, this Bluehost cheap hosting plan helps you with 1 website of 50GB space and unmetered bandwidth. Enabling standard performance, you get 1 domain in this plan with 4 parked domains, and 25 sub domains. Alongside, you get 5 email accounts in this plan with 100MB storage support for each account.

    Claim Bluehost Basic Plan in $2.65/Month [5 Freebies] + FREE Domain Name

    Plus Plan:

    This plan is available at $4.95/month, with unlimited websites of unmetered space and bandwidth. Along with the standard performance of the website, this plan offers you 1 included domain with unlimited parked and sub domains. You can have unlimited email accounts in this plan, with no restriction on their storage space. Offering marketing offers worth $200, you also get 1 spam expert with this plan. (Highly recommended plan for the bloggers)

    Buy Plus Package in 50% Discount

    Prime Plan

    At $5.95/month, you get unlimited websites with this plan, pertaining to unmetered storage and bandwidth alongside. The standard performance of this plan offers you 1 included domain, and unlimited parked and sub domains, with unlimited email accounts of unlimited storage. Worth $200 marketing offers, you get 1 spam expert and domain privacy in this plan, with the professional site backup pro. (Highly recommended for bloggers)

    Buy Prime Package in 50% Discount

Bluehost Review Why Bluehost is the best choice for Newbie Bloggers Step 4 Bluehost web hosting special Offer

Purchasing Bluehost Shared Web Host Services: The Pros

  1. Cost-friendly:

    No wonder shared web hosting plan offers cheaper and effective plans to the beginners and newbie. With a price under $5.00, you can benefit yourself with Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans. Apart from the basic plan, both of its shared plans provide unlimited disc space for the website storage, serving as the best web hosting for beginners.

  1. Security:

    With so many cyber crimes taking a peak these days, every user has the primary concern of secure domain and server support. With Bluehost hosting plans, you can be sure of the security features since they are profound of offering user-excelling privacy and security support to the buyers.

  1. Speed proficiency:

    Having faster website support is one significant user concern. The Bluehost plan provides higher speed for the website to load faster and offer better efficiency to the users.

  1. Ease of usage:

    The Bluehost plan comes along better usage facility to the users with numerous databases and various email accounts. Providing better performance of the server, their usage ultimately offers more resources to the buyers.

  1. Efficiency and customisation:

    When you get in touch with Bluehost for hosting a website, the same is guarded and looked after by the skilled and expert professionals, rendering hoisting efficiency.

    You can alternatively use your precious time in allotting the same towards running the website. They have a profound and user-friendly control panel, which can easily be used to customise the website, the way you want.

    You can upload all the necessary files and images with the panel, and go along checking the site statistics for their website.

  1. Excelling customer support:

    Making sure that the users experience unhindered performance with the hosting, Bluehost offers outstanding customer support to the users.

    Available to service, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, they have an exceptional team of highly efficient and expert professionals, to resolve your queries anytime and anywhere.

    The Bluehost reviews section highlights such commendable services, the most.

The Cons

  1. Installing more:

    Though Bluehost provides for numerous apps and resources on the hosting to be put in use, the major drawback is installing many of them in order to generate full functional service out of them.

  2. Speed gets mixed reviews:

    Though the website hosting provides the standard performance to the users, yet because so many websites are hosted on a single server, the speed of the website fluctuates.

Final Verdict: The Conclusion

Despite all the cons, Bluehost comes up with exciting features and add-ons with every hosting plan that they offer.

Regardless of your needs and concerns, Bluehost offers flexibility with the budget, in bringing around, the foremost and top web hosting plans for newbies as well as to well-settled business owners.

Bluehost has been a prominent part of the leading web hosting companies in the industry. Even since its foundation, Bluehost has gained popularity and fame for its efficient handling of cheap domain names.

To sum it up, I strongly recommend Bluehost over other companies for the web hosting comparison.

With a solid reputation, Bluehost comes up in moments to have your website hosted and running up on the internet. People who are looking for an affordable web hosting service that is proficient as well as reliable, you need to give Bluehost a definite try.

A plethora of exciting features, flexibility, and top-notch services, have gained them lots of other positive reviews and appreciation from their customers. Their strong ethics and integrity have maintained their rock-solid reputation of a leading web host over the past years. Get their specialized assistance to receive quality services that can take your company to the pinnacle of success.

Bluehost Coupon

If you think you are ready to buy hosting from Bluehost then please follow this post to get an exclusive 70% off discount and a free domain with 4 other free items. In all, you can get web hosting in $95.00 for 36 months, which is around $2.65/Month. 

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