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Welcome to the highly ignored and underestimated page of websites. Please read the terms, conditions, and our policies carefully and let us know in case you have any question.

  • First, any opinion or views that are expressed on this website are purely individual in nature.
  • Everything shared/posted on this website is only for information to its subscribers or anonymous users.
  • Anything which looks like hacking will get blocked by the hosting service provider.
  • Anything which looks like spamming, abusive, hatred or against any religion, racial etc. i.e. anything that can hurt any individual sentiments will be blocked permanently without notice.
  • Any advice/recommendation given on this website is purely an individual view on the topic and will not be held responsible if something horrible happens the user.

Email –

  • The E-mail address provided by the user anywhere in the website will be kept confidently. This information will never be used for spamming or sold to any party.

Comment Policy –

  • I value user comments a lot from the users on the posts that I share with everyone. But if comments are solely made for personal reasons/promotions/out of the scope of the topic then they will be deleted.
  • I do not delete or edit comments if user disagrees with me on any topic.
  • I like to converse with real reading but if you comment abusive, spamming content or use email address which looks fake then your comments will be deleted.

Advertisement Policy –

  • On this website, your will see some third party links/recommendation. I use them to serve advertisements on this website. The link will direct you to the third party website and some of them may user cookie for better user experience bases on your previous interaction with them. If you want you can always opt-out of DART cookie setting by visiting Google Advertisement Privacy Policies. 

Affiliates Disclosure –

I have this blog primarily to give myself a place to write down my thoughts and to help others in the process. Products or services that are featured or promoted here are things which I have either used, owned, or would purchase for myself or others. I will not promote something I would never use.

Products with affiliate links do not cost you any more than they would without them. Affiliate programs are simply a way for a company to extend their reach to more customers through websites and blogs like mine.

These helps support my site expenses. When you order through my link, it helps me to continue to offer you free content. I sincerely appreciate your support!

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