15 Hottest Social Media Trends To Watch
Social media marketing is far from being a novelty in 2019. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have become a mandatory communication channel for brands and businesses, which is why almost 90% of companies are using social media for marketing purposes. At the same time, users demand social interaction these days. A report shows that over… (1 comment)

5 Things To Consider Before Signing With InMotion Hosting
In the past couple of years, there have been plenty of web hosting companies appearing, giving website owners more choices for hosting servers. You might have heard of companies such as HostGator, Bluehost, andĀ SiteGround, offering web hosting services that range from beginner-friendly to premium level services. InMotion HostingĀ is another web hosting company thatā€™s been around… (0 comment)

4 Mobile Commerce Trends To Rule In 2019
Over half of all internet traffic, these days comes from mobile devices, and over 60% of smartphone owners use theirs to shop. As shown by research from Signal boosters, mobile commerce, also known as mCommerce, is becoming a bigger market each year. Itā€™s time you started catering towards it if you donā€™t want to be left in the dust. … (0 comment)