How To “Insert A Line Break in WordPress” Manually

How To “Insert A Line Break in WordPress” Manually
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Learn to Insert A Line Break in WordPress Posts

Sometimes WordPress editor acts weird. ¬†Although it’s a good text editor but not flexible as MS Word.

What do you think?

I am using it for a long time but still I face issues with it like inserting lists, line spaces, line breaks, tab etc. Sometimes they don’t work as expected. One such problem that I face too often is the missing line break between my headings and paragraphs.

Every time I enter space between the two lines, WordPress strips out the code and resets it with no line break. When I check the same thing in the WordPress editor, it shows me the space between the lines but when I preview the same post in the browser, there’s no space between them.

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Insert A Line Break in WordPress – The Solution

If you are also facing the same issue that I have mentioned above then follow the below solution to fix it in your WordPress post.

  1. First of all, switch to the TEXT or HTML mode in your editor first.
  2. Search the code where you want to insert a line break.
  3. Then just manually add a line break¬†using this HTML tag “<br/>”.
  4. Hit “Save Draft” before leaving text editor.
  5. Check preview to make sure the results are as expected.

How To Insert A Line Break In WordPress

After adding the above code, it will look like shown below:

How To Insert A Line Break In WordPress

Sometimes you may even need to add two line breaks, depending on how well your WordPress editor is following you.


Another Usage of Line Break HTML tab

Break this line using <br/> and continue from the next this.

When you see the above code in the¬†web browser, you will notice a line break is inserted after the “<br/>”¬†HTML tag.

How to insert a line break in wordpress

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If you are already using this technique then please share your experience with others in the comments section? If you do something else to fix this, then please your work around with others?

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