Digital Marketing: Guide to Improve the Website Content Shelf-Life

Digital Marketing: Guide to Improve the Website Content Shelf-Life
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Quality Content is king on the World Wide Web. A website which is regularly updated with quality content may appear in Google’s top results every time with all important keywords. Always keep in mind that every content has a definite Shelf life. After some periods of time, it becomes irrelevant to the targeted audience.

As fresh content is required for performing all digital marketing activities, the demand for content is always higher. There always remains a huge gap between the supply and demand for content. So, it becomes necessary for content creators and website owners/admins to create quality content and take steps to Improve the Website Content & increase its Shelf life as far as possible.

Here are some ways using which you can easily Improve the Website Content & increase the Shelf life of your existing content:

1. Be Aware of The Latest Trends In Content Creation

The easiest step to increase the relevancy and shelf-life of your site content is to follow the latest trends in content writing. This makes your content more appealing to users and they love to read it many times and share it on different social media channels.

Always keep in mind that the content requirement varies from one business person to another. So, you should try to know what type of content is preferred by the targeted audience. Once you know this, create quality content accordingly and attract visitors back to your website.

2. Write Compelling Titles And Then Elaborate Them

Today’s tech-savvy and ultra-modern people are not interested in reading the content written in plain text. If you upload such content on your website, visitors will not go through it entirely and leave your website immediately. So, you should write appealing and meaningful titles, sub-titles, points, etc, and break your article into different chunks.

Write Compelling Titles And Then Elaborate Them - Digital Marketing Strategy -Improve the Website Content

This makes your content more relevant. It helps visitors to read the whole or a certain section of the content easily and understand the subject matter quickly. If you write compelling titles and explain the matter in an easy-to-understand language, people like to spend more time on your website and read the available content.

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3. Add Relevant Links To Your Content

These days, tech-savvy people have become smart. They want all-inclusive information about products/services before making a final decision. So, when you write content, you should relevant URLs to it. It allows visitors to explore the topic further and learn more detail easily.

Add Relevant Links To Your Content - Digital Marketing Strategy -Improve the Website Content

If you implement hyperlinking carefully, it helps you in many ways and makes your content evergreen.

4. Optimize It Very Well For Search Engines And People

Whenever you write content, you should upload it to your website/blogs as soon as possible. Optimize it for search engines and people using the latest SEO tricks. Always keep in mind that a content that is optimized very well with relevant keywords has more chances of getting appeared in the SERP of search engines than non-optimized content. If your content is useful for visitors, search engines display them in search results no matter how old they are. You should include long tail keywords in content so that search engines can display it in results with different terms associated with your web-based business.

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5. Redirect Your Content

You must remember that pages on websites get moved or deleted in the long run. It happens because of some incidents like, website migration to a new platform, products and services you no longer offer, erasing content that has become outdated, etc. If a content is old, it doesn’t mean it will not work for you. Whenever you need to remove a content from your website, you can redirect it to a newer content. It helps visitors to get engaged with your brand. You can redirect your old content to a similar new content and make both of them go viral on the web.

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6. Repurpose Your Old Content

Creating unique and fresh content every time is a very challenging job. If you are not able to generate fresh ideas for content to write, you can repurpose the existing content. It’s a process of writing the old content in a new form. When you do so regularly, visitors get impressed with your content and get engaged with your brand for a long period of time.

7. Seek Feedback From The Targeted Audience

It is possible that you might be following the latest trends while creating content, but your audience is not reacting to your content or no longer submitting their comments. To avoid this mess, you should ask your audience about their reading presence. You can send reminders to the targeted audience and ask them what type of content they want to read. This will help you to create the user-centric content and encourage the targeted audience for a long period of time.

Final Words:

Relevancy is very important for online content. A relevant content can appear in search results for many years and keep attracting the targeted audience. By using the above-mentioned tips, you can increase the Shelf life of your content and try to keep Improving the Website Content for your readers.

Guest Author bio: Brandon Graves is a digital marketing and HTML to WordPress development expert with a great interest in writing informative posts on the latest SEO happenings. Just follow him on Google Plus & receive instant updates easily.

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